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Closing the Gardens

This is the last post here. Continuing on at The Melody of Words. I will also be posting insights to all previous 2011 writings my facebook fan page. Thanks for to all my readers and may this new chapter prove just as rewarding.


Words couldnt reach you

Its not that i dont like you
i dont wanna talk to
at the moment who you are
no need to open scars
so listen to my silence
as more than an avoidance
why lose anymore words to argument
till your heart has reached an agreement
ill remain a photo upon the wall
of one you used to call…
wait, now i forgot what to you i was
the moment passed before the dust
could even clear the air
now your surprised im not there?
ive made bad decisions in life’s course
why you make me feel i was yours?
at risk of beating this horse deader
when will you realize what does matter
so i wont put an end to this letter
and let it hang
as you did with this man’s dream


lost in my head

i can feel the force of the wind on my face

whispering the ease of leaving this place

my closest friend has become the ground

for i see it the most all these times feelin down

maybe there is an answer to my hearts yurning

but the itch to run has made my feet burning

the urge to shutdown like a computer with a virus

does anyone know what the cure is?

i poured so much sweat and blood into this path

so far its the stains that seem to last

getting lost inside my head

no wonder why my motivation is dead

are these times just a few bumps in the road

or warnings that off my path i have strode

so hard is it to see where i must be

when now the whole world is blind to me

the choices now only i can make

no matter if its just another mistake

i just wish i didnt have to stumble on my own

knowing that in good times ill be just as alone

so if there is any strength in solitude

please strip away this fortitude


time flies


its amazing how time flies. Days feel like years when locked up but on the other side of the wall years feel like days. They say its better late then never, but I never thought it would take 25 years to grow up. The more I learn in life the more scared I become that Ive wasted to much time. Haha guess that why they call it the long way(hard way). I always wanted to feel like i belonged, to be apart of something more then just the common monotony of day to day life. But are my ambitions as the wind? Only to linger till another option comes to whisk me away? No, not this time. I’m to tired of moving around and never settling. Its all or nothing. Nobody can live my life for me so i must make it a point to live it to the fullest.

Missing you

its not that we couldnt be
that has made me so empty
its the not knowing where i belong
as a unrecorded love song
with nobody to hear it play
as if i wasted another day
the tears only make me colder washing awway the memory of holding her
misplaced love mixed with life turns
loneliness was all left to earn
dreaming of my place called home
for now the dreams are all i own
what a story this could be one day
of how i found my place
loves promise written upon her heart and mine
making my every movement shine
living for a purpose other then to breath
before its all lost in another dream

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