I know I couldn’t be alone
With all the love that is shone
When I look into your eyes
I can see the test of my life
Like a rose about to blossom
A inner beauty so awesome
I could spend the rest of time
Drinking it in like vintage wine
So sweet to the lips
Having my heart doing flips
No longer able to restrain
Of all it contains
Love all for one, and for one I fall
Deeper in love with the one I call
My sweetheart and my hearts sweet fate
Never to survive apart from my soul mate
This I promise to my best of friend
Take my heart, give your hand
I’ll be there till the very end
My heart is yours for the taking
For love knows no faking
Partake in this sincerity
And become lost in loves serenity
To feel the warmth of its embrace
Like what holds me captive in your gaze.