The cobweb of my sin
Has got me on my knees
Asking God to forgive
But pride wont let it be
I’ve crawled into a deep hole
Reached the bottom of the earth
Where darkness never lets go
Nor hope to give birth
Feeling so far alone
Reaching for reason to blame
But fault rest on me alone
So I’m reaching into the flame
To grab hold of my fate
Still wrestling my eternity
For I’m bound unable to escape
Testing the limits of mortality
Crawling where i once stood
Hating what i once loved
Understanding but not understood
A product of being shoved
Living only in reaction
In loathing of the sentence
My enmity, the final action
Eternally foregone my penance
For God turned away His ear
Left me cursing to my grave
Now living is my only fear
Saying, ” * the world” I rave
But still I remain on my knees
Tangled In the cobweb of my sin