There’s something upon my chest
That I have to confess
To give to God all my sins
An future ones before they begin
A need to do right
Finding a guidance in the light
I pray O’Lord make me strong
For my convictions have steered me wrong
For I am weak in my flesh
Looking for Him to bless
My life is nothing
Come Lord make it something
For I want to be a man
But I find it hard to stand
I pray Lord fill my cup
That my should may be lifted up
May I find eternal grace
May one day I see your face
May you take me with open arms
Lord save me from what harms
For doubt became my downfall
But Your hand kept me through it all
So Lord hear a sinners prayer
An save me from Satan’s layer
Please Lord do not forsake
Let Heaven show me an open gate
The final thing I pray
Is that my heart will be,
Open to what you say.