I close my eyes
Lost to the darkness
I try to hide
Isolation is my mistress
But it’s an unwanted unity
As if the beginning of my death
It has become the end of me
Not letting me draw my last breath
As if cursed and cast out
I embrace my shadow
Having grown tired seek’n help
For lust became my gallow
I’m smothered in this dark cloak
It tightens around my throat
I dangle from this rope
Strangled of all hope
So I hide
So I cry
So I will always run
Seeking but never finding the rising sun
So into the dark I crawl
As if into my bed
I sleep in the hate of it all
Left to dreams of living
As if from the dark I may wake
To continue a time of loving
An correct a past mistake
But for now I slumber
As hell reaches for my number