Patiently I wait
An I pray for my fate
Praying that it will be
An yet I pass time asleep
Can I breathe with no air?
Can I have hope but no care?
Can we define light with darkness
Or find another likeness
It twists my life around
Cuts my cry of its sound
Find my plea, help my soul to see
I have become lost to the living
An my heart bares no thanksgiving
I only seek one answer
The cure to my hearts cancer
Walking not in dark but blind
I am seeking but shall not find
For if life is defined by living
I’m listed under the grave keepers digging
How long can one exist in this way
Wishing to just once see the light of day
For I’m so numb it burns
As I desire all that one yurns
A life that is mine
sanity to be of my mind