HIM:  Left alone to my thoughts to the one who can’t be forgot.

HER:  So I sit and stare at a picture who’s little words are fiction.

HIM:  If poetry were like honey my every word a bee, my heart the honeycomb, you’re the tree holding my every hope and dream

HER:  It would buzz small secrets for me to keep. Each word slowly rocking me to sleep   like a cradle on top of a tree exposing my dreams throughout the sea

HIM:  The sea rocking you to sleep like in the arms of a lover for every secret be I be the key to finding lasting peace

HER:  A love may not have the peace as you have with poetry, the sea might rock you away from those who make you feel happy

HIM:  If water could take me away then it was not love, if peace I seek then not enough. For there could only be one. My beacon where not shone the sun

HER:  The sun hides behind the sea. without it, the fear of you being shun from me increased. I sit and stare at this tree hoping you would remember me, but peace will never be without this hope I have locked inside

HIM:  I hold the way into your locked depths. Like a tear that has yet to wept, I hold onto every thought of you, every moment fulfilling truth that no two hearts can be one until it is yours I have won.