HIM: Such distance from me to you. What are we to do? If I could hold you and never let go, it would be worth the trip to go. To see the voice on the other side of the phone. Every night I wait for the call as every day further and further I fall. Wishin you were here and not just a voice in my ear.

HER: At night I blow a kiss for you. From here to there. Wishing you wont have anymore nightmares. I wish for you to hold me tight while we lay in bed at night. I cant wait to make this call and imagine me holding you so you wont fall.

HIM: The only nightmares is when I wake, and your nowhere to be seen. So its back to sleep, holding onto my dreams. Goodnight to all I knew. Goodnight from me to you. Now drifting off to sleep. Hoping to see you in my dreams.

HER: Your dreams are all you have of me. Untill the day we meet. Then no more nightmares there will be, when you lay down to sleep.