My heart bleeds

 For the innocent and their needs

 I want justice

 And the government upon their knees

 When people become words on paper

 The paper into a stack to be

 Filed for later

 But the truth still remains

 A cold case, yet to be explained

 How is it one’s life is worth more?

 That my life can be simply


 My freedom buried in judicial


 But didn’t even Columbus have

 A vision?

 When none chose to believe

 The truth that lay beyond what they could see

 Where is my land of New Hope?

 That I may be free of this rope

 Set around my throat

 As society watches me choke

 Beyond mad I’m infuriated

 I would sit back and watch

 Satan be inaugurated

 Just to give evil a face

 In what I lay in the quake

 Of this nightmarish place

 Wishing only to one day wake

 To a world that could do right

 Or at least recognize its mistakes.