HER:  Time passes before my eyes

While I sit in the corner of this empty room

I’m stuck behind these brick walls

No one seems to hear my calls

So am stuck inside this cell

Waiting for Gabriel to ring his bell


HIM:  Like a prison cell side by side

Beyond your wall is another side

I hear your every cry

So close yet so far

As Lucifer before he fell

Wishing to see the face of whom

I wish to hold

Just to let you know

Now may feel so cold

But two cannot be alone


HER:  A bottle appears inside my cell

It must be a sign that I’m meant to live

Inside this hell

I carve a mark with my nail

As each day passes by

I watch as the blood bleeds down my hand

That’s when I start to cry

I hear you weep on the other side

So far away from my side

Just like my angel the night this

Hell began to rise


HIM:  I only weep as I touch the wall

Imagining our hands will meet

I hear you count the days on the wall

And it only scars my soul

Every day I search for the key

That from this hell we may flee

That I may spend every morning looking

Into your eyes

Your beauty inspiring as the sunrise


HER:  My tears fall and my dirty fingers seem to only

Make things worse

As I look out the window I notice the sun

Seems only to set

And I don’t mean to make you upset

I too want to flee so please

Please find the key

I can only imagine my body against yours

As you stare into my eyes

And kiss me for the first time


HIM:  Then for now I shall sing you to sleep

For morning can only bring hope

As one day I will hold you like a jewel

I long to keep

So let you tears wash away this place

For one day I will hold in my hands your face

As our lips rush and yet linger

Today shall soon be past

This always remember

As we begin what shall last


HER:  Until the day we meet and kiss

I will wait for you my prince