feeling like I am going no where

Aging but only growing cold

I reach for a thing of more purpose

But find I can only be without none

Trapped in the quicksand of mistakes

Eternally bound in the shadows

There is a light I am told

The words don’t reach I hear this

Sound of a life already done

I raised too high the stakes

Now I’m lost to the shadows

My joy is no longer bold

But now my fear is

I am looking for what is never shone

Underneath the aftermath quakes

Lays a soul in the shadows

This is my time into new history

I embark in darkness untold

I should be feeling nervous

And yet all feeling is gone

Hope was only as a flake

Melting into hells shadows

What is the meaning to life

Of a heart to hard to mold

Unbroken can any cure this

Or burn it upon the sun

If only I could to heaven make

Nay I remain in the shadows