(written in confinement)

Good vs. Evil. Heaven and hell. God or Satan. The world, not of the world. Light vs. darkness. There is no in between. So how is it wrong to think everything in absolutes? So funny how criminals have status amongst themselves according to crime. How the righteous compete to be more than thou. If I am evil why must I care I am not the worst? And if I am good, why must I concern myself if I am good enough? Odi et Amo. I hate and I love. Can I not simply like or dislike? Must hate be unconditional? Must love be unnoticeable? For love is humble. Hate infectious. The world is drowning in tears and I’m worried my eyes are too dry. With all my mishaps I count my blessings as a man would if failed suicide. I have yet to suffer a hard life and yet I feel I have yet to enjoy it. I am in the in between world of absolutes. And that is why I have given up on life as I see it.