A new world is about to form and crumble. The time to stand is NOW. “…united we stand…” The government is of the people for the people. It is NOT to control the people. We (Americans) live in a land of the free not the socialist. The day the government takes control is the day freedom dies. Everything our forefathers fought and died for will be no more, and all those who gave the ultimate price for this country will be nothing more than a name. How to resist the lure of power? Who is in charge of making sure our leaders stay leaders and not tyrants? The people. But who will listen if we have not a voice? And if we find a voice, who will act upon what needs to be done if we the people have no strength? We are a dying nation, as grand as the bald eagle who has lost his flight. A awesome nation such as ours (UNITED states of AMERICANS) will always have our problems, but let the people rise to work things out and not let the government take control of our lives. When things are bad it is best to take a step back and analyze the situation, NOT to rush into a quick fix that will prove to make bigger problems along the way. Let our Leader lead with his heart, mind and soul. NOT with money, power and authority! America, let us take OUR country back from corruption and pride that pollutes our nation.