Whoever said it is a dog eat dog world could never have been more right. So blunt. But that is what truth is anyways. No small print. No hidden meanings. It is funny how easy it is to impose the perfect justice when it does not pertain to the one imposing it. When a person finds oneself on the other end, justice ceases to exist. Life is only fair when things are good. But why, if governments have forever been seen as corrupt or corruptable, is there such a need to be led? Is life living your dream or living someone elses? Can you imagine a world without leaders? No government, no police, no IRS, no face of justice? Justice. Is this what we live for? For wrongs to be right, as long as the right is in our favor? The only time mercy is asked for is when it is needed. Can justice make room for mercy or would it no longer be called justice.