You think times are hard?

cuz life dealt you a sour card

I been there even before the gun shot

was your friend then like it or not

my shoulders carry a burden plus you

never did I snap nor break like some would do

betray my trust and see loyalty rust

I said I dont care but what im sayin

is my feeling never reach the air

blinded by the fact you never had it bad

life got rough now im another reason to be mad

well this is goodbye homie

not like you ever really knew me

I know you wont even notice when I leave

since you never saw what i believed

now I write another chapter just the same

im goin to another place just pick a name

let my curse be mine and see you on the other side

it was fun man but here is the end of the ride

no note to tell you goodbye

since it was never a true hello

ill leave you to the hell i know

cuz when your friends are none

youll find life can be this alone

I tried to save you from what ive lived

tried to be all a friend could give

but I can only hold so much water till the dam breaks

then its just you left in the wake

still judging my mistakes?

guess I needed to be stronger to carry you too

for this I apologize to you and only you

im out of options what left to do

so now I sign my final check and goodbye

maybe tomorrow youll wake without a cry

but for now our friendship I say goodnight