how many ways can i say i love you?

one with my heart and thats always true

two with my mind and and all i know

that just leaves my body and soul

one i gave to satan the other to God

payment for all the sin i wrought

but all i am is love just for you

now hold me so i can be closer to you

matching heart beats with every breath

is what i long for untill theres nothing left

only love that i have for you

how many ways can i count this out?

how much louder could i shout?

my love is pure and clean

lets spend the rest of time finding what it could mean

and ill be happier knowing now im whole

cuz loving you is all i want to know

how many ways can i speak of love?

love like a rapture taking us above

all that is wrong just melts away

love like everlasting day

this is my promise so please dont leave

as im still counting what i believe