Love. I would rather write of love in crafty little poems to taste the feeling without having to partake of it. To know of it without having it. What is love? Love is of the oldest words and yet its context of meaning has changed according to use or society. Love to me is the ultimate feeling, no the ultimate gift that one can have. It is knowing that nothing will change it no matter what changes around it. Love I have in the sence of good people in my life who never changed even when events have.  Love  I seek is a feeling I once had that I have yet to duplicate with another. It is a feeling that satified my heart but at the same time made me hunger for more of it. Love that brings security, place of hope, and purpose even in dark times. Love can not be confined to a word, the word love means what it shows and is. So to me a spoken love is never enough, never complete. It is a feeling reflecting from what is. So I commit my life to the pursuit of Love, Love that does not change even when everything else will.