My heart cries with each passing night

The thought of being without

Makes my very soul shout

Asking God for a merical to this injustice

Who can banish a love like this?

If love cannot be consumed

Must the heart live doomed?

What good is a final breath

If only to prolong ones death?

One day a heart overflowing

Is now one so lonely

Love is of the wind

Left before it could begin

My mind now holding sin

vengeance for a love i could not win

Love of one with to grow old

For there is only one in love I hold

No matter what laws are told

There is only one face I see in my dreams

In a place and time I wish to keep

So commit this knife to my heart that i may remain asleep

My life is a testament

To pain there’s been no rest to it

Laying victim to the cupids arrow tip

My heart pierced only to rip

Forsaken to everything but this pain

Walking the road of Cain

Praying for mercy to remember my name.

-St. Cain