I find it interesting as I was watching the movie ‘Robin Hood’ the other day, at how much I could relate to. Not necessarily me as much as the tyrant ruler of my beloved country. Wars fought for what end? Taxes seem to be the fix all but in the end only increase the problem by weakening the foundation, we the people. A government is made to empower the people to provide protection for the people. It is not made to control and rule as one would an ant farm or like some game. With great power comes great responsibility I once heard. So true tho. If the foundation comes to a point that it can no longer bare the burden of the structure all will collapse into itself. There has never been a problem in history that was fixed by throwing money at it. But that is the way of our nation. From hiding our illness with pills, to taxing more money to help the people the taxes only increase the need. You don’t ask an alcoholic to drink more so he wont feel his pain, rather examine why he feels the need to drink. We simply must go to the root of ‘Why’ and understanding the problem will only prove to provide the way to solve it. Like venom of a snake used to cure its own evilness. We are a country suffering from years of mistakes and corruption. Now is the time to examine or wounds before greed for power sets in and this once great nation is no more.

St. Cain