You can spend your whole life wasting it by not making goals or fighting for the wrong ones. The meaning of life is what you make it. The purpose of life is the pursuit of understanding that not all answers are as is. Sometimes the answer is not what is shown in the light but rather the light itself. One answer bringing along more questions, thus the ‘pursuit’ of understanding. Understanding is not knowing, and knowing does not equal understanding.

So when life seems to no longer make sense it is because  the wrong questions are being asked. Life can only go forward till it ends. So when life appears to be hopeless it is a lack of understanding. For if it is understood that life continues on, hope is not as it seems. If hope is ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, nothing more than an unsustained promise based not of understanding nor knowledge but rather emotion.

If life is to be downsized to a fickle description of a light called hope, will we be blinded be emotion and become deluded from the truth? Understand that hope lays ahead only if you know that life can only go forward.