do you remeber the love we shared?

i know it was real by these scars ive bared

moving on is like going thru barbedwire

cutting deep biding my loves fire

so many have marked my hearts mortality

not even the angel reaches converse equality

do you remember me as often as i try to forget

i look for that twinkle in evey eye

subconsiously searching for you

under new skies upon lold lies

when will falling not end in failing

not love stricken become heart impaling

falsly ‘wearing my heart upon my sleeve’

just to cover scars that will not leave

the years only infect instead of healing

or is it easier to blame in order to cope my feelings?

as to be locked behind or thrown from bars

then to stand in the mirror to see me behind these scars

eachone a mile marker in my lifes road

no hidden meanings, just a story untold

loves the ink upon my soul

as pride and hate stretch the scroll