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The Past Is The Soil Of Fate

As years of life in downfall

only molded shoulders to carry all

so tiny the pieces my heart did break

that only the right one could find me and remake

as if my heart sailed the open sea in luxury

it crashed upon an island an became king

I was looking for love to complete

when Heaven opened up to me

craving for some light to my path

your face radiated upon my life

prayed for this storm not to last

my answer upon a rainbow was cast

thirsting for a drop of peace

as contentment poured unable to cease

I stumbled yesterday just to keep my feet

today i flew the wings of the angel Seredipity

counting my blessings as of all I knew

until they were blessed by knowing you.


Prayer of Humility

My only prayer is to be proud of who ive become without being prideful of who i am, to be the best at what i do without being better then everyone, to set the right example without my example having to be the only right way, to give advise without forgetting how to recieve advice, to give respect without demanding it in return, to not forget the hunger pains of yesterday in the moments of fulfillment, may my life be a stepping stone for others to succeed as others have been for me. Lord keep me humble.

With only words to make you melt

by words as if my hands are felt

crowning princess of this fairytale

mind visions of what my speech entails

able to make you mine

on opposite sides of the state line

whats the worth of a picture painted by words

that evokes emotions never yet incurred

if the sky was my canvas to paint

as the sun upon the skin, heat warmth I create

the sunset as you blushing from the inside

stars as your eyes, a twinkle ive searched to find

if only my hands could reach what my heart has touched

the sensations that cause my blood to rush

words now becoming decreasingly useless

as the redundant use made them worthless


Bowstaff(dragonheart khata part1)

My first filming: (adjust your volume to low)

My first poetic vid, srry no sound was ever added 😦

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