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Missing you

its not that we couldnt be
that has made me so empty
its the not knowing where i belong
as a unrecorded love song
with nobody to hear it play
as if i wasted another day
the tears only make me colder washing awway the memory of holding her
misplaced love mixed with life turns
loneliness was all left to earn
dreaming of my place called home
for now the dreams are all i own
what a story this could be one day
of how i found my place
loves promise written upon her heart and mine
making my every movement shine
living for a purpose other then to breath
before its all lost in another dream


At the bell

standing tall as the bell rings

feelin every drop as the sweat clings

these gloves about to write my destiny

hear my story as the leather screams

i can only move forward

my legs carry no coward

finishing strong is my only reward

layin down now i cant afford

government created a predator

these lights only show a fighter

dancing now like a lighter

flick of my wrist, now im on fire

eight limbs to use are my chances to win

bitin down and tuckn my chin

carry’n inspiration as i move in

but how will this end?

ran out of ears, moving to your eyes

will my Achilles heart be my demise

by a love written upon the skies

that’s been clouded by lies


2 years Ago

In october of 2009 my sister and mom got me

started on this wordpress.

So if you want to blame anyone…haha jk!

Its been such a strange 2 years but life has

opened up so much.

2000 views since and 103 posts later

im still writing.

thanks to all my readers and fans, and

always open to more critics šŸ˜‰


Moving forwards

im always on the rise
for the next loves prize
never backing down
when lifes puches pound
its not in me to quit
no matter how high the odds sit
the fight may seem too hard
but ive lived past all that scarred
and came out like phoenix did
finding hope where the ashes had hid
as the higher i set my goals inline
the brighter my future shines
so when my legs seem to give
as vision fades the reason i live
my family’s support gave me that second wind
with those that care i can only win
bracing for war but living for love
knowing each breath is a gift from above
and in that how can i not keep pressing
forward is the only thing to keep from missing
when i get to raise my hands in victory
having conquered the records of my history

Heart searching

tell me what makes you happy

i wanna be what creates that smile

show me what moves your soul

play no games cuz i aint no child

i wanna make you my best of friends

you know the kind thats there every mile

i wanna know my trust aint misplaced

get into your heart as mine to defend

lift you upon that pedestal of wonders

where intertwined hearts make the world bend

i wish to share the riches of life

but without you im left to ponder

what life has to even offer in dark times

are you the definition of my emotions

or just another smudge upon its lines

im already open to and holding true

im asking cuz im done with all the lies

if theres any chance that we could ever be

i would wrestle the moon and make it mine

then give you the gift to forever see

that dark times are only for ones alone

but together the world has its king and queen

so will i fall with no heart to retain my love

or can we match hearts impeccably

its only if we just met i know

too soon i dont mean to seem to shove

my life has produced so many barren results

untill i found you my heart’s treasure trove



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