tell me what makes you happy

i wanna be what creates that smile

show me what moves your soul

play no games cuz i aint no child

i wanna make you my best of friends

you know the kind thats there every mile

i wanna know my trust aint misplaced

get into your heart as mine to defend

lift you upon that pedestal of wonders

where intertwined hearts make the world bend

i wish to share the riches of life

but without you im left to ponder

what life has to even offer in dark times

are you the definition of my emotions

or just another smudge upon its lines

im already open to and holding true

im asking cuz im done with all the lies

if theres any chance that we could ever be

i would wrestle the moon and make it mine

then give you the gift to forever see

that dark times are only for ones alone

but together the world has its king and queen

so will i fall with no heart to retain my love

or can we match hearts impeccably

its only if we just met i know

too soon i dont mean to seem to shove

my life has produced so many barren results

untill i found you my heart’s treasure trove