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lost in my head

i can feel the force of the wind on my face

whispering the ease of leaving this place

my closest friend has become the ground

for i see it the most all these times feelin down

maybe there is an answer to my hearts yurning

but the itch to run has made my feet burning

the urge to shutdown like a computer with a virus

does anyone know what the cure is?

i poured so much sweat and blood into this path

so far its the stains that seem to last

getting lost inside my head

no wonder why my motivation is dead

are these times just a few bumps in the road

or warnings that off my path i have strode

so hard is it to see where i must be

when now the whole world is blind to me

the choices now only i can make

no matter if its just another mistake

i just wish i didnt have to stumble on my own

knowing that in good times ill be just as alone

so if there is any strength in solitude

please strip away this fortitude



do you remeber the love we shared?

i know it was real by these scars ive bared

moving on is like going thru barbedwire

cutting deep biding my loves fire

so many have marked my hearts mortality

not even the angel reaches converse equality

do you remember me as often as i try to forget

i look for that twinkle in evey eye

subconsiously searching for you

under new skies upon lold lies

when will falling not end in failing

not love stricken become heart impaling

falsly ‘wearing my heart upon my sleeve’

just to cover scars that will not leave

the years only infect instead of healing

or is it easier to blame in order to cope my feelings?

as to be locked behind or thrown from bars

then to stand in the mirror to see me behind these scars

eachone a mile marker in my lifes road

no hidden meanings, just a story untold

loves the ink upon my soul

as pride and hate stretch the scroll

Making Real

nothing as it seems
reality tearing at the seams
chasing a fading dream
as my aspirations lose steam;
twenty-five winters passed
the next colder then the last
empty bottles as a looking glass
showing an equally empty past;
placing into a casket
close the lid upon and hold the regret
letting darkness swallow all I wish to forget;
running till my soul is worn
heart torn
living in unjustified scorn
no wonder why so much evil is born;
my closet contains so many masks
who am I depends on who asks
never mixing tears with laughs;
I live not to decieve
but trying to concieve
a life like a mate that will never leave
to dream a dream I can breathe
love that I can believe…

my life became a lifeline

my breath never my own

all that is bad in life of mine

became your hope to be shone

i keep leavin all the pain

but being used for a reason

my choices i cant explain

just my exsistance is needed

my selfdestruction flame burn

like a warning becon

a life lesson for all to learn

my mistakes, your new season

turn leaf an make peace

i burn and you only grow

as my curse wont cease

i give you all the more to know

i lay across lifes pot holes

you can cross to better life

i may be sins apostle

only to revoke your knife

let my fated heart bleed

just so you can finaly see

God is what life needs

may i one day reach…

free verse

Living at home with my parents, everything becomes apparent.

Lucky to be alive, but by every breath do I survive

Looking for my calling, but with no potential jobs calling

Got me strapped for cash, looking for fast cash

A fast out, an easy in.

With the end in sight why am I still lookin for the beginin?

Money is hard earned and frustration set to quick burn

Setting blaze to all past dreams

Ignited by a record that consumes me

I know

Life aint Staples, there aint no easy button

And if depression was edible, ide be a glutton

So where do I go from here

Feet bleedin on rocky times

Gasping in despair, like acid hung in the air

The longer I live the quicker I die

The metal around my wrists feels more norm

Leaving my heart resting in a storm

My mind is set fight

Motivation to flight

Fists do me right, is all I pray

Challenging the fate of today

May one day I win

A way out from under all this sin

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