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time flies


its amazing how time flies. Days feel like years when locked up but on the other side of the wall years feel like days. They say its better late then never, but I never thought it would take 25 years to grow up. The more I learn in life the more scared I become that Ive wasted to much time. Haha guess that why they call it the long way(hard way). I always wanted to feel like i belonged, to be apart of something more then just the common monotony of day to day life. But are my ambitions as the wind? Only to linger till another option comes to whisk me away? No, not this time. I’m to tired of moving around and never settling. Its all or nothing. Nobody can live my life for me so i must make it a point to live it to the fullest.


Prayer of Humility

My only prayer is to be proud of who ive become without being prideful of who i am, to be the best at what i do without being better then everyone, to set the right example without my example having to be the only right way, to give advise without forgetting how to recieve advice, to give respect without demanding it in return, to not forget the hunger pains of yesterday in the moments of fulfillment, may my life be a stepping stone for others to succeed as others have been for me. Lord keep me humble.



So here where life seems to have no purpose one can only look up to see hope in the distance. But as darker it gets in the ‘now’, the weight of this existence continues to bare down, it gets harder to find strength to keep eyes up. How to break the momentum of failure? The increasing speed of failing leaves no footing to recover, to move into the skies of hope. How to rise from the ashes that suffocate, from embers that only kindle the pain of now. Is it these times that man puts faith to end in heaven or is the singed soul to far from the path to survive? May not the scars of the past, and present ones made, create not limitations for succeeding in the future.

Fighting Addiction

(12/2010)Too often life seems to become hopeless. Addictions rise to cover up the pain of failure. The slippery slope that only brings you down even more.  Alcohol was my poison, my exscape, my hideaway, now my selfdestructive cry for help. But who can hear these cries when only listening to drunken slurs? Why is it i feel the need and comfort in consuming what has only brought the pain that i seek to numb? What will replace the bottle in my hand? Reasons are just clouds in a storm, unable to hold water. I need to find….am looking to find….?(12/12/2010)


Fate is a series of decisions. Events do not decide fate, they are just a ‘fork in the road’. Fate is never made concrete in the beginning, but rather the final destination. Some roads may have twists and turns, but that just means the destination has yet to be revealed. Not knowing what lays ahead increases the importance of knowing where you are at. The road will end so it is all about how you get there and not when. This is fate, not the end or the next destination, fate is the journey. That is why we all share and end but live out different fates. So what would be the difference between fate and destiny? Fate being choices made to reach the end destination, destiny is the fulfilling an end by the choices yet to be made. ~St. Cain

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