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Closing the Gardens

This is the last post here. Continuing on at The Melody of Words. I will also be posting insights to all previous 2011 writings my facebook fan page. Thanks for to all my readers and may this new chapter prove just as rewarding.



Missing you

its not that we couldnt be
that has made me so empty
its the not knowing where i belong
as a unrecorded love song
with nobody to hear it play
as if i wasted another day
the tears only make me colder washing awway the memory of holding her
misplaced love mixed with life turns
loneliness was all left to earn
dreaming of my place called home
for now the dreams are all i own
what a story this could be one day
of how i found my place
loves promise written upon her heart and mine
making my every movement shine
living for a purpose other then to breath
before its all lost in another dream

2 years Ago

In october of 2009 my sister and mom got me

started on this wordpress.

So if you want to blame anyone…haha jk!

Its been such a strange 2 years but life has

opened up so much.

2000 views since and 103 posts later

im still writing.

thanks to all my readers and fans, and

always open to more critics 😉


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Field of dreams

Running through a field of dreams
watcing as it fades from green
darkness upon my heals like basit hounds
defining song birds of hope now without sound
pausing to pluck a blooming rose to keep
only just to see its beauty seep
i struggle towards the light above the mountain
but the scenery wont move, no ground i gain
panic sets in as my strength begins to wear
lightning strikes the sky threatening to tear
racing to get over the mountain top
hoping to find where the storm will stop
to build a house where she can make a home
soft grass padding the childrens feet
to live with my heart and be complete
instead of completely without my heart
running through a field torn apart…

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