I have much to say and never enough ears.  I am just as you are, a person who has gone through life’s worst and best of times.  So I write my words, as if with tears who’s meaning changes when it dries, with feelings but those words are as the seasons and are a reflection of a point in time and not my current state.  Everything I write is no more than an indirect view of what is inside.  I only hope you enjoy reading what I have written.

Please share this site with all your friends. I realize not all readers will agree with nor like EVERYthing I write but I can only hope you find one thing here that reaches your heart.

I am 25 years old and thought I had seen it all. Joined the army at age 17(1 month before age 18) and was living the ‘good’ life. Paid for my actions and for actions I was accused of. Serving 20 months for what turned out to be a life sentence even when released this is my way of venting and wanting to be heard. Thanks for stopping by.

2011 has been the year of turning my life around, thanks to friends and always my family who never stopped believing in me even tho I had. Thanks to Blended Arts Dojo where I currently hold a gold belt in Nikidokai and train to become a fighter, a teacher, and a better me. Living life and enjoying the journey at all times!