there comes a time when a boy becomes a man. wether raised by loved ones or by circumstances its up to the boy what kind of man he will become. a whole life to live, love and make mistakes. but there comes a time when a man has to choose to be a man.

it is not up to us when we grow older but how we benifit from each passing moment. a man knows not how to succeed at all times but knows he must. Choices in life may prove hard and confusing but even a baby knows the only way to move forward is to take that first step no matter how many times we fall or stumble. a man learns to make the choices to move forward over choices that only providecomfort for the moment.choosing end rewards over imediate gains marks the true man.

stripped of his clothes a man is still a man. a boy worries about what he has not, a man chooses to make best of what he has.

life does not wait. life does not live for you.

yesterday was a boy, today is a man, tomorrow brings the echoes of choices made.

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