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Prayer of Humility

My only prayer is to be proud of who ive become without being prideful of who i am, to be the best at what i do without being better then everyone, to set the right example without my example having to be the only right way, to give advise without forgetting how to recieve advice, to give respect without demanding it in return, to not forget the hunger pains of yesterday in the moments of fulfillment, may my life be a stepping stone for others to succeed as others have been for me. Lord keep me humble.



“Love is not discovered, it is awakened.”


“It seems that the purpose of life is like a self fullfiling prophecy. The purpose though is not to find purpose but to make purpose. Life is what you make it and nothing more, nothing less.”


“A man who thinks he is always right lives in fear of the one time he is not. A man who is never right, lives his life for the one time he is. That is the difference between fate and hope.”


“Dreams can be shared, but only dreamed by one.”

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