i can feel the force of the wind on my face

whispering the ease of leaving this place

my closest friend has become the ground

for i see it the most all these times feelin down

maybe there is an answer to my hearts yurning

but the itch to run has made my feet burning

the urge to shutdown like a computer with a virus

does anyone know what the cure is?

i poured so much sweat and blood into this path

so far its the stains that seem to last

getting lost inside my head

no wonder why my motivation is dead

are these times just a few bumps in the road

or warnings that off my path i have strode

so hard is it to see where i must be

when now the whole world is blind to me

the choices now only i can make

no matter if its just another mistake

i just wish i didnt have to stumble on my own

knowing that in good times ill be just as alone

so if there is any strength in solitude

please strip away this fortitude