Living at home with my parents, everything becomes apparent.

Lucky to be alive, but by every breath do I survive

Looking for my calling, but with no potential jobs calling

Got me strapped for cash, looking for fast cash

A fast out, an easy in.

With the end in sight why am I still lookin for the beginin?

Money is hard earned and frustration set to quick burn

Setting blaze to all past dreams

Ignited by a record that consumes me

I know

Life aint Staples, there aint no easy button

And if depression was edible, ide be a glutton

So where do I go from here

Feet bleedin on rocky times

Gasping in despair, like acid hung in the air

The longer I live the quicker I die

The metal around my wrists feels more norm

Leaving my heart resting in a storm

My mind is set fight

Motivation to flight

Fists do me right, is all I pray

Challenging the fate of today

May one day I win

A way out from under all this sin